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05 November 2020

The UAE Flag Day Celebration at Capital Health Screening Centre

On the occasion of UAE Flag Day, 3rd November 2020, we at Capital Health Screening Centre, expressed our pride of being a part of this great nation in..

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14 October 2020

Mubadala Healthcare Joins Etihad Airways To Introduce Wellness Ambassadors

Specially trained personnel at its patient-facing facilities are equipped to help patients secure their safety and to address any health and wellness...

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24 September 2020

Capital Health Screening Centre Opens Drive-through Covid-19 Screening Facility

Capital Health Screening Centre launched its very own drive-through COVID-19 Screening facility to offer COVID-19 testing for all citizens, residents...

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12 September 2020

Basic First-Aid Tips & Procedures

Minor injuries and illnesses in day-to-day life are common. And with some basic first-aid techniques and essential supplies, some of these...

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