Fast, Reliable & Quality Screening Services

No. Children below the age of 18 do not need health screening in order to get a residency visa.

From registration to completion, the health screening process takes approximately 15 minutes. Click here for more details.

You will undergo an assessment by a doctor, have a simple blood test, and a chest x-ray.

Applicants are screened for communicable diseases, including hepatitis, HIV, leprosy, syphilis and tuberculosis. Pregnancy tests are also available, if required, at an additional charge of AED 50.

Yes. The chest x-ray can put your unborn baby at risk. If you are pregnant, you will need to notify the doctor. If you think there is a chance you might be pregnant, you will be given a test to confirm your pregnancy status before any other tests are performed. Your pregnancy status will also appear on your test results. Pregnancy tests are available at an additional charge of AED 50.

Applicants who are immobile but not admitted to a hospital and unable to attend to the Centre can provide a medical report and a home care team can be arranged to facilitate the screening assessment.

No. You do not have to fast for a visa medical screening.

If you do not pass the screening test you will be notified by the doctor who will advise on the next steps.

Applicants must present their original passport and valid residence visa or entry permit for work, residence or study in order to receive a visa screening.

Advanced bookings are highly recommended to avoid delays and will receive priority over walk-ins.

We will do our best to accommodate you, but to avoid waiting, please be on time.

Yes. You can make appointments for large groups, but also can make agreements for rolling employment based on the needs of your organization.

Yes. You may give a third party permission to collect your results on your behalf, provided they present your passport or test receipt when doing so.

One copy will be produced, in a sealed envelope, which will be submitted by your company to the Ministry of Interior.

Yes. The mobile screening unit will travel to your facility for group appointments of 20-200 people.

As long as you have a minimum of 20 employees for screening, there will be no additional charge to bring the mobile unit to your facility. Additional charges may apply for locations outside city of Abu Dhabi or smaller group sized appointments.