Pre & Post-Employment Screening for Safe & Healthy Workplace

Occupational Health Screening

Capital Health Screening Centre also provides essential occupational health services including medical tests for employment in Abu Dhabi which include pre-employment and post-employment screenings, bespoke workplace health programs and sickness absence management to name a few. Our services are offered to both individuals and corporations, across all industries and work sectors, depending on the need of the organization.

Capital Health Screening Centre has built an excellent reputation in Abu Dhabi, delivering robust, value-added occupational health advice that is tailor made to suit modern business. Our clinicians in the Occupational Health team ensure that the Centre operates to the highest of standards, focusing on lean process flows, committed to providing clients with the best in class.

What does theoccupational health screening involve?

Occupational Health Screening includes blood tests and physical or fitness assessments related to the employee’s occupation. This screening may be necessary for employees working in the areas of transportation, food, chemicals and others. A full range of medical and fitness assessments such as Electrocardiogram (ECG), audiometry, spirometry and more are offered for new and existing employees.

Who needs to undergooccupational health screening?

Occupational health screening is recommended for employees who work in environments requiring additional health and safety precautions, and adherence to specific safety processes.

What is pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening is conducted before hiring an employee. The screening is undertaken to ensure a job applicant has no pre-existing health conditions that may affect his or her performance on the job, making it difficult or unsafe. Pre-employment screening may also include residency visa screening to ensure a candidate is fit for employment when hired.

What is post-employment screening?

Post-employment screening is carried out periodically by employers to ensure employees are able to continue to perform their jobs without risk of injury to themselves, customers and co-workers.