Domestic Workers Health Screening

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Domestic Workers Health Screening

Maintain the high health standards of your home, by ensuring your household employees complete health screening, essential to their positions.

450 AEDDomestic Worker Screening Package

350 AEDDomestic Worker Screening Package When availed with visa screening

Checking on the health of those you trust to look after your household is vital

Capital Health’s Domestic Workers Health Screening package provides you with necessary information to ensure that your Domestic worker is fit and healthy to perform tasks without impacting the health of your household members.

What is It?

Domestic Workers Health Screening ensures that workers have no pre-existing health conditions that may impact their work performance. The screening also prevents your household members from the risk of contracting common communicable diseases.

For Whom is It Intended?

Domestic Workers Health Screening is intended for those who provide services or care within the household, such as housekeepers, gardeners, drivers, cooks and babysitters.

What Functions Are Tested?

Domestic Workers Health Screening package includes several medical testing & procedures such as physical examination, vision check, and certain blood tests (Hematology, Liver Function, Diabetes, General Kidney Assessment and Digestive Tract Check).

How Different is Domestic Workers Health Screening From a Residency Visa Screening?

Domestic Workers Health Screening checks for employee’s fitness for specific jobs, whereas Residency Visa screening checks for specific communicable diseases that are required by the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi, for the purpose of obtaining a UAE residency.

How to Avail?

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