For a safer community

Dear Valued Guests,

We are currently facing a shortage of Hepatitis B vaccines across Abu Dhabi. As such, all visa categories eligible for this vaccine may face a delay in receiving the same. This will lead to the postponement of the Hepatitis B vaccine for all Visa screening applicants eligible for this vaccine.

Once the vaccine stock is available (around the second week of September 2022), we will reach out to the guests whose vaccinations were not completed, during this period at the time of their visa medical screening, in order to schedule their visit for the Hepatitis B vaccination.

Please note this postponement does not impact the applicant’s visa screening application eligibility as per visa category requirements.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Capital Health Screening Centre

Vaccination Programsessential disease prevention

Vaccination programs are essential disease prevention measures protecting against illnesses such as hepatitis, typhoid etc. At Capital Health Screening Centre, we provide various mandatory and optional vaccines for specific occupations that involve sensitive tasks such as food handling and working with children. We can also administer certain vaccines based on your company’s needs, thus ensuring a customized vaccination plan for your company.

Are Vaccines Mandatoryor optional?

A Hepatitis B vaccination is mandatory for certain occupations. At Capital Health Screening Centre, we also provide various optional vaccines like hepatitis A, AB, typhoid, MMR, varicella, flu, Tdap and others, depending on your specific requirements and the nature of your employee’s work environment

Can vaccines beadministered during a visa screening visit? Is there a follow-up dose or recurring vaccination?

Vaccines can be administered during scheduled visa screening visits of your employees. Your Key Account Manager will help arrange this for you.
Certain vaccines may require singular dose like the flu vaccine, while other vaccines may require recurring doses like typhoid or multiple doses like MMR, varicella, Tdap, hepatitis A, hepatitis AB, etc